In Collaboration
— with

Paola Brussino


Exploration, research, constant evolution are the core of Paola Brussino's work: unique, innovative, never seen before.

This architect-designer has traveled extensively, and strongly feels her Italian roots, especially about art and cultural heritage. In parallel, she is passionate about contemporary art and photography. Inspired, cultured and sophisticated, she brings all these influences into the work she creates. Paola: "Design disperses energy within me, striking a chord in my soul and bringing hidden feelings to the surface in unexpected ways.”

Fearless, knowledgeable and skilled elite-designer, boasting long-standing collaborations with the world’s finest jewelry brands, Paola reminds me of an astronaut, sailing into the cosmos, beyond terrestrial limits, with a mission: finding new creative planets.

In fact, she is a pathfinder, constantly surprising both collectors and the industry, by using unexpected materials, inventing new techniques and exploring new shapes. Ahead of the trends, her head stands amid the stars.

“Inventing and producing innovative jewelry pieces is imperative for me. In my opinion, the search for new and different materials in jewelry does not necessarily require an explanation; simply, it is free and revolutionary”, Paola says. I would add "timeless" to that: she seems to have all the time in the world! In her mind, beauty lies in the time it takes us to find it.

Over years of research, Paola has pioneered the use of carbon, corian, zirconium, titanium. Such intriguing materials, when combined with fabulous gems, make the stones play in a new, different way changing our perception about them and for me, whenever there is a change in the status quo, there is an elevation. That's the role of art. In this case, the jewellery becomes real art, and that's what Paola does. Her works have been exhibited in several European countries, Qatar, Japan, Russia, the United States and in major exhibitions such as the Querini Stampalia Foundation, on the occasion of the 57th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

I am excited to show Paola Brussino's work for the first time at PAD PARIS.