Maison Belmont x Vincent Darré

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Maison Belmont x Vincent Darré


Taking an audacious approach to jewellery, Maison Belmont celebrates arts and crafts while offering a contemporary interpretation of jewellery design. This spring, the Geneva-based brand is unveiling its first collection of artist’s jewellery, created in collaboration with the Parisian interior architect and designer Vincent Darré. The result of a meeting between two passionate creative minds, four sumptuous pieces of jewellery take us to a place where real and imaginary worlds come together. Their creations shine a spotlight on ancient artisanal techniques and give life to mythological figures, part fairies, part fantastical visions.

Artist’s jewellery reveals an intimate world. Inspired by the Renaissance – a passion shared by Sarah Mugnier, founder of Maison Belmont, and Vincent Darré – this collection is no exception to the rule! The imaginary world of the French interior architect and designer is expressed through these miniature art objects.

The artistic dialogue between Maison Belmont and Vincent Darré gave rise to the collection Fantasmagoria, which includes four jewellery creations – real objects of desire – that blur the boundary between dreams and reality and are imbued with fantasy and audacity.

A pendant, a ring, earrings and a cuff bracelet, signed and numbered, pay tribute to mythological creatures and lands still waiting to be explored! Surprisingly complex, they showcase a multitude of fine techniques and materials: high-fired enamel, painting, precious stones and baroque pearls, bright yellow gold, silver, refined or even star setting, and engraving.

Conceived in black and white, these graphic creations exude a certain contemporaneity. We also find subtle references to the world of Jean Cocteau.

The complete collection will be unveiled for the first time in France, at our exhibition at PAD PARIS.
We are delighted to be able to present it to you for the first time! See you at PAD Paris, Second Petale Gallery stand!

Images: courtesy of Maison Belmont.