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Philippe Guilhem

SCULPTOR Exceptional stones sublimated by bronze are the soul of the MASHANDY jewels - sculptures, created by Philippe Guilhem. He comes from a long line of jewellers: Joaillerie Guilhem is an iconic jewellery house located in Megève known for its originality and mastery of jewellery making. In 2017, Philippe launched MASHANDY, his own collection following the call of his various artistic passions. His inspirations from the primitive lines of African masks, the vivid curves of Miklos and Brancusi or the modern organic designs of Zaha Hadid give birth to an authentic and distinguished design. A passionate and discerning art lover, enthusiast and visionary, Philippe celebrates the osmosis of a spirit and a soul through the fabulous conversations he creates between coloured gems of exceptional quality and the ancestral metal of bronze. Rarely used in jewellery, it is a truly exceptional material with an extensive colour palette that varies over time and is capable of enhancing the formidable beauty of precious stones. "From the infinitely large to the infinitely small". Phillippe's first step in developing his collection was to create huge bronze sculptures. These sculptures were then miniaturised to become jewellery sculptures in their own right. Each time, a new ring is created from these amazing sculptures and joins the rest of the unique MASHANDY collection. Phillippe's experience in gemology helps him to select exceptional gems and stones. He works alongside the best French craftsmen to develop the MASHANDY collection. Today, the jewellery- sculptures in the MASHANDY collection are exhibited in the most renowned art houses and galleries around the world and are acclaimed by international art jewellery collectors with a taste for the rare and exceptional. In June 2022, Philippe's work is presented at "JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY", a novel initiative that SECOND PETALE has put in place with CHRISTIE'S JEWELERY PARIS to spotlight remarkable talent on the global Jewellery Art scene. To find out more about the initiative, visit the "JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY" COLLECTION. All images: courtesy of the designer.