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Mathon Paris


I was hooked. Walking along the busy contemporary jewellery show in Paris, I saw them from afar: The Moon Cycle pendants. The design, the colour, the intriguing pattern, all stimulated my interest - I had to know more! Meet Maison Mathon Paris, a 4 generation family history of making jewellery for the famous houses of the Place Vendôme and own brand creations. Today, it is the couple Aude Mathon, granddaughter of the founder Roger Mathon, and Jean-Baptiste Donnet who perpetuate the heritage by relying on professional and human values that are close to their hearts: creativity, heritage, transmission, authenticity, humility.

Mathon's identity is based on colours and an exceptional know-how of which they have become a specialist: lacquering, sculpture, manual engraving, gold texture, chasing. All stages of jewellery making are carried out inhouse, in their Parisian workshop. The family carries on the tradition, valuing the skills of their excellent craftsmen, and does not miss an opportunity to highlight their talent: you can meet Mathon's magical-handed designers and creatives on Mathon's arty website, where family members tell their story and show you around! The workshop received "Living Heritage Company" award from the State in 2007 for the excellence.

The founder of Mathon Paris, Roger Mathon, was an eclectic artist, excelling in various disciplines such as jewellery design, painting and ceramics. He has created jewellery inspired by nature: the animals, plants and flowers of the forest. The house's archives are a source of inspiration: a modern interpretation of Roger's emblematic designs and experimentation with techniques are at the heart of the house's DNA.

The House of Mathon has a strong international presence, particularly in Japan and in the United States. Mathon's creations are appreciated by the public for its remarkable craftsmanship, poetic and elegant high jewellery designs that offer a delightful combination of tradition and modernity.

Clients say that Maison Mathon represents a French style. According to Mathon, this style is a balance between beauty and modesty, as Paris itself, where the present wants to preserve, appreciate, and respect the past: "A desire not to remain discreet, but to be refined, without doing too much but just to get to the point ". This describes the creations of Maison Mathon very well.

Mathon Paris is proud to offer traceability and authenticity to its customers. It carries the prestigious "JOAILLERIE DE FRANCE" label and the "RESPONSIBLE JEWELLERY COUNCIL" certificate, committed to promoting ethical, social and environmental practices.

I am very excited to present Mathon Paris' work for the first time at PAD Paris.