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Bia Tambelli

VIBRANT AND MINDFULL The young Brazilian designer Bia Tambelli creates intense and striking jewellery. When you meet Bia, you realise that it couldn't be any other way: amazingly her name has a few letters in common with rubellite, the stone she favors. It is as if she has imprinted some of its powerful virtues and translated them into her vibrant creations. With fabulous stones at the heart, clean lines, imposing volumes and vivid colors, her work projects an aesthetic and symbolic force. Her life philosophy resonates with me - she generously shares with the public what she believes in through her work: the power of self-knowledge, a constant journey of personal growth through introspection and reinvention. For this, she calls upon her old friends: the precious stones, which she chooses specifically and according to their symbolic and therapeutic properties for each of her collections. Growing up in Minas Gerais, Brazil - the kingdom of gemstones, Bia was introduced to the energetic power and symbolism of stones from a very young age, by searching for stones and collecting them. In 2018, this passion combined with a love of art, design (a degree in plastic arts) and painting, converged into a concrete artistic proposal: she debuts in the world of fine jewelry with the launch of her eponymous brand: Bia Tambelli. With this, Bia can now connect to the world and convey her message: her artistic jewelry is a way to accompany the wearer on a journey of personal growth, through the direct and unique link it creates. Since then, she has received constant attention from the public and the press, who praise her artistic identity. While colorful gems are a hallmark of Bia's designs, rock crystals are almost ubiquitous as a base to bring out the gems and unique geometry. I am very excited to show the work of this prominent talent with you. For our first exhibition, we have selected pieces from the Arpia Collection and Cruzeiro collection with fair mined exceptional rubellites from the famous Cruziero mines.