In Collaboration
— with

Liv Luttrell

EDGY SCULPTURES. The Paravent earrings were my first encounter with Liv Luttrell‘s creations. Love at first sight! Fresh, sharp, edgy, so young and modern! These are the features that characterise all of her work: very much in the “ l’air du temps” yet off-stream, distinguished and timeless, with appeal to first-time buyers as well as established collectors. Liv Luttrell has been designing sculptural fine and high jewellery since the foundation of her eponymous house in 2016. Young designer, new talent on a contemporary scene was immediately noticed by the public and industry insiders for her edgy style, sculptural intensity and uncompromising craftsmanship. Her work is regularly praised by international media and jewellery experts. Obsessed by exploring and creating shapes with an impactful volume Liv trained at the bench as a goldsmith, allowing her to develop the sensual jewels that have become her signature. Drawing inspiration from a variety of places, from sculpture, nature and architecture Liv’s real focus is on abstraction and simplification playing with contrasts. A devotion to hand craftsmanship drives Liv’s work: every aspect of each jewel is hand-made by a group of expert goldsmiths in her London workshop. The stones for each piece are personally selected by Liv whose expertise in gem and diamond sourcing was gained at the Gemological Institute of America. Liv doesn’t collectivise her work; each design stands alone, preferring instead to explore materials and finishes. What marries them together is the creative process behind them and her devotion to abstract form. Editions are added to her series of work as and when they are perfected. I am very happy to present Liv's talent to discerning international collectors: for the PAD ONLINE EDITION, we have selected her signature pieces. All images: courtesy of the Designer