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Vicente Gracia Art Jewellery


Vicente Gracia is one of Spain's most renowned jewellers.

Strongly rooted in cultural and spiritual dimensions, an influential figure in his community, the jeweller is considered an alchemist capable of reaching the true treasure, of healing the human soul with his art, whose main values are Energy, Charm, Distinction and Grace.

Born in 1961 in Valencia, a city with a rich tradition of goldsmithing, it was in his father's workshop that Vicente discovered the magic of the handmade work. His studies in design at the Massana school in Barcelona enabled him to deepen his knowledge of different materials and unknown precious stones. This background has shaped Vicente's creative process, approaching jewellery work as a masterpiece, a whole full of exceptional quality and strong intellectual charge.

At the heart of the artist's creative process is a spiritual connection with the world of jewellery, which gives rise to visual poetry. Each piece created by Vicente carries a particular and allegorical message, a metaphor that each form contains, and even the secret that reveals a mystical and philosophical experience for those who are able to see it. As well as being aesthetically strong, his work has the extraordinary ability to radiate harmony, joy, knowledge and talent, through beauty and perfection.

The artist’s work has received numerous awards for design and craftsmanship. Work highlights include special creations for

The Royal Family of Spain and other royal houses, celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Andy McDowell, Daniel Craig and the Carnegie family, to name but a few.

Exhibitions: Hispanic Society of New York, Greco exhibition.
Meadows Museum, Dallas, curator of the exhibition on Sorolla's work in America.
Harrods, London, collaboration with Lladró.
Creation of a jewellery collection for Barbie to mark her 35th birthday.

Juliet Weir de la Rochefoucauld “21st-Century Jewellery Designers: An Inspired Style“.