In Collaboration
— with

Ulla and Martin Kaufmann

PERFECT HARMONY. I can't define "perfect" but creations of these Masters look of absolute harmony to me. Lines are laconic, elegant and so expressive. Metals, its color, volumes, forms - all is in wonderful osmosis. Truly objects of Art. Ulla and Martin Kaufmann are recognised as one of the major silver and goldsmiths of our time: unparalleled skills and techniques using traditions, exploring the boundaries, clean, elegant lines, unique shapes and volume- the result is that objects are of a perfect fluidity, energy, movement, with a maximum flexibility and elasticity. And unique, distinct style. They describe it as classic modern, explaining that their work originates from a primary idea and form, combined with historical and modern elements to create a minimalist final design. I am delighted to present Ulla and Martin Kaufmann at the “JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY”, a novel Initiative that SECOND PETALE put in place with CHRISTIE’S JEWELLERY PARIS to spotlight remarkable talent on the global Jewellery Art scene. For this initiative we have selected 2 TIRA Bracelets, fine works of Art. To find out more about the initiative, visit the "JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY" COLLECTION. You can also discover ULLA+MARTIN KAUFMANN’s work on PAD ONLINE now where we have the honor of exhibiting our EXCLUSIVE CURATION of works by an intimate group of established and emerging designers who are shaping a legacy of today's JEWELLERY ART. Images: courtesy of the Designers.