Christie’s Jewellery Paris

Second Petale

“Jewellery Talent Of Today”

As a passionate supporter of the Jewellery Art, I am delighted to announce “JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY”, - A NOVEL INITIATIVE which SECOND PETALE has conceived and had the honour to implement with CHRISTIE’S JEWELLERY PARIS. It is a role of a curator to open new doors. To create opportunities. For a public to discover. For the Artists to show their talent. And to do it in creative and novel ways. With this objective the Initiative spotlights an exclusive work of an intimate and finely curated group of known and emerging contemporary designers, renowned for their distinguished artistic identity and exceptional craftsmanship: KAYO SAITO, ULLA AND MARTIN KAUFMANN, TOMASZ DONOCIK, CHIARA PASSONI, SARAH HO. Christie's Paris Online Jewellery Auction 21.06.-05.07.2021. Group Jewellery Photo: Christie’s