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Jose Marin

TITANIUM GOLDSMITH. It seems to me that the destiny of Jose Marin in Arts and Crafts was written in the stars: son of a goldsmith, he entered the school of the Guild of Jewelers of Valence when he was only 13 years old . Was he then dreaming of becoming a master of titanium work? In 2006, he opened his own workshop. Titanium Goldsmith, the best in his field never stops learning and teaching. Generously sharing his work and knowledge with the public, it's no wonder his list of awards and exhibitions across the United States, Europe, China and Australia is impressive. It includes the De Beers International Jewelery Awards and permanent exhibition at the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ZURICH "Alice and Louis Koch Collection". About his work and his inspirations, he says: "I am inspired by the Mediterranean to create colorful and sensual handmade jewelry where I combine Titanium or Timascus with gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones. I am fascinated by color, worked metal and nature as the basis of inspiration for the creation of my pieces. Titanium Damascus or Timas is an innovative material. It is a beautiful fusion of decorative techniques from the old and the new world that fascinates me and integrates my creations.” I am delighted to show Jose's unique talent to discerning international collectors here in my gallery and on ONLINE PAD Q2 EDITION. We have selected pieces from his ASIA and BEAUTYFULL NATURE collections . These are my love at first sight! And in June 2022, Jose's work is presented at "JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY", a novel initiative that SECOND PETALE has put in place with CHRISTIE'S JEWELERY PARIS to spotlight remarkable talent on the global Jewellery Art scene. To find out more about the initiative, visit the "JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY" COLLECTION. All images: courtesy of the designer