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Arman Suciyan

COVETED. Arman Suciyan grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. He first began his career as a gold- smith apprentice in a workshop, in the renowned Bazaar at age 15. In 1988, he was accepted to work alongside Misak Toros, who represented the fourth generation of a Turkish Armenian family, with a long standing heritage of fine jewelry design and production. There, he was introduced to traditional skills of fine jewellery making, as well as to a strong architectural approach, and a sense of rigor from design to completion. Specifically, Arman perfected the art of wax carving and modelling, which he had begun exploring as an apprentice in the Bazaar. In 1994, after spending years at bench, he went on to attend the prestigious Kent Institute of Art & Design. Within his first year, he started to work for British Jeweller, Stephen Webster. Upon graduating, he then joined his small team of specialist craftsmen, as a fulltime goldsmith and wax modeler. After ten years working amongst Stephen Webster's team, he became one of Stephen's greatest resources in modelling some of his most elaborate figurative pieces. Since 2004, Arman has been elaborating his own designs. His collections are futuristic and bold, working mostly with silver, in combination with bronze and gold. His heart and expertise lies in carving and modelling, rendering pieces that are sculptural in nature. Arman has received various awards by the Goldsmiths Craft Council, as well as the prestigious DeBeers Jewellery Design Award. Bibliography: "Coveted: Art and Innovation in High Jewelry" by Melanie Grant, 2020. We are delighted to show you Arman’s work from his fabulous collection ODYSSEY.