For Second Pétale, Index created a web identity which is truly unique. What wows me the most is their ability to truly understand what the brand is about, and then translate all of this information into the digital creation which is totally aligned with the brand essence. It's like giving a body to a soul, that's what they do.

Built in partnership with Hatch.

Brand Identity

Damien Berger

Damien is paramount to me. He was the very first creative I've met. Bingo! When I saw his visual of a duck in a bath I knew I wanted my brand ID to be designed by him. That happened, - Second Pétale brand name, logo, key visuals it's him. He generates creative ideas as he breathes, and they are all good!



We share with Yann sensibility for objet's aesthetics. He sees and creates the image beyond its representation, he sees the story. Looking at this images, one wonders what happened just before the momentum is captured and what will happen right after. With this reflection, he has created amazing images of jewels in Second Petale's collection. I can't wait till our next shoot.

Simon Martner

Simon makes me think about a fresh breeze; always on the move, full of positive energy. Experimental and inspired, he is passionate about jewelry and people. This is visible in his photographs - the jewels are dainty, very appealing and the people are handsome! Major and young brands from all over the world call for Simon’s talents. For Second Petale we spent two days in Paris on my portrait shoot with jewels, it was one of the best creative experiences I have ever had