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Studio C


Charlotte Romer, founder and designer of Studio C in Paris, has emerged on the jewellery scene with a highly original and strong proposition: subtle mechanics + bright colours + dazzling gems. Inspired by aeronautics, she explores mechanical forms in jewellery, creating absolutely unexpected results.

Few have ventured into this space since the modernists were the first to take the step, spurred on by new technologies and the space age, redefining the art of jewellery.

Following in the footsteps of Després, Dinh Van or Jean Vendome who experimented with the unconventional, she pushes the boundaries of design references, teasing the perceptions of the precious and the non-precious. The design object is a central point of her jewellery creation: grandiose and pure forms sculpted in an industrial material, aluminium, host fine stones. The metal is often coloured.

The result is a dialogue that is both sharp and subtle, racy and so modern, feminist in fact. With a background in the art market (Sorbonne, Ecole du Louvre, Sotheby's Paris, renowned art gallery) she created Studio C in 2020 to follow her passions: design, jewellery, stones. Each line is produced in very small series and can be made to special orders or unique pieces. All is handmade in Paris.

After making the technical drawings, Charlotte Romer entrusts the design of her aluminium pieces to a French factory specialising in precision mechanics. The anodising of her jewellery is also done in a factory in the Paris region. Back in her Parisian workshop, Charlotte polishes and illuminates each piece. The aluminium is then treated like a precious metal, to take on its appearance while retaining its inimitable lightness.

For a curator, it is particularly exciting to witness the emergence of new creativity. Creativity that is not afraid to experiment, to break with the norm. Collectors, take notes: Studio C by Charlotte Romer. I am very excited to show the work of this innovative emerging talent for the first time at PAD Paris.