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Giorgio Bulgari, Founder and Creative Director of Giorgio B, is an entrepreneur and designer with a passion for creating bold, voluptuous statement jewellery.

Descended from the legendary Bulgari family, Giorgio has long nurtured a passion for iconic design, exquisite materials and fine craftsmanship.  His deep knowledge of gemstones fuses with imagination, artistry and precision to create the three pillars of Giorgio B - Unique Jewellery, Jewellery Collections and Collaborative Projects.  

Each creation showcases the jeweller’s aesthetic language; geometric lines and sculptural curves combined with volume, movement, precious gemstones and an exuberant use of colour.

From his one-of-a-kind Unique Jewellery creations to his debut Jewellery collections launched in Spring 2023 – the bold, sensuous Goccia and the edgy, punky Palma – every Giorgio B creation is a celebration of the power of jewellery, infused with Italian heritage, passion and sensuality.