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HERITAGE TO DREAM. ROSIOR is one of the most renowned High Jewelry Houses in Portugal. With a century of goldsmithing heritage, it was founded by José Manuel Rosas in 1978. Explorer, innovator, inspired by the world around him, he created unique jewels for 40 years. His vision and exceptional craftsmanship have built ROSIOR's reputation as a House of Excellence and exquisite bespoke jewelry. Today, the next generation of the family, daughter and son of José Manuel Rosas continues his legacy. Loyal to artisanal techniques, ROSIOR master craftsmen carefully curate each piece, stone by stone, to replicate and realise J.M Rosas’ vision. From first sketch to final assembly, each element is produced, finished and assembled in-house, in the company’s own workshop. While extensive use of colour is a constant, motif and meaning are random in creation: from geometric and architectural shapes to the organic and the everyday. I am delighted to present ROSIOR at the “JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY”, a unique Initiative that SECOND PETALE put in place with CHRISTIE’S JEWELLERY PARIS to spotlight remarkable talent on the global Jewellery Art scene. These unique LEAF EARRINGS that we have chosen for this Initiative, were created by José Manuel Rosas. We celebrate his talent and honor his memory. “Each piece is a unique response to each client, a dream that is materialised and brought to life. The more I create, the more I discover that everything exists to create something that doesn’t….”J.M Rosas (1949 – 2020). To find out more about the initiative, visit the "JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY" COLLECTION. Images: courtesy of Rosior