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BEAUTIFUL EMOTIONS. Bahrain-born jewelry designer Ali Al Dailami launched his brand Dailami in 2020, becoming one of the few jewelry designers in the region. It was daring: a finance professional, he follows an appeal to become a jewelry designer and trusts his instincts. Even the global health catastrophe did not stop Ali! On the contrary, this situation makes him act: Ali says that at the peak of Covid it became clear to him that life was short and he decided at that time to turn his passion for art and jewelry into his profession. Ali impresses me by his truthfulness, strength of will and fearlessness, his determination to be the designer he dreamed of becoming. These are the qualities that are the foundation for success. And that journey from a passion to a profession was a thrill. Few years back, it all started with a passion: as Ali began working in a gemological laboratory, his artistic talents were noticed there by someone who would become Ali's mentor, encouraging him to embark on the creation of jewelry. To hone his jewelry design skills, Ali went to study in Germany and India, which gave him insight into the culturally diverse designs. An internship with one of Bahrain's leading goldsmiths will follow, as well as a expertise certification in gemmology. Another foundation of success is creative talent: Dailami creations are quickly noticed. I understand why: in addition to being different, modern, and mature despite the young journey, Ali's creations are personal. They don't just show emotions, they actually celebrate them: joy of seeing the sun's reflection in water, a soothing harmony of strength and softness... He says he creates for those who are different, those who are unique in the way they think and for women who don't ask for approval on what they wear. “I started this marvelous journey, I set a lot of goals but a few stand above the rest, be different, be truthful and show your emotions.” Well, to me, Ali's designs reflect that mindset so well! I am delighted to give the opportunity to experience these emotions to jewelry lovers and collectors: for the PADOnline exhibition we have selected with Ali a few pieces where he celebrates women, nature and life. All images: courtesy of the Designer