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THE IMPRESSIONISTS. Strength, Poetry, Emotions, Contrasts... This is what instantly came to mind when I encountered the work of G SUEN, a sculpture jewellery studio co-founded by Jing Zhao and Gearry Suen in London. Their creative vision crosses centuries, cultures, crafts. They take you on supersonic journey between the ancient past and the distant future, between tradition and innovation, classicism and avant garde.Their medium is feelings: like the impressionists in their time they propose new artistic expressions through their creations with audacity of young, assertive creatives without complex. I find it fresh and very appealing. Jing and Gearry believe that jewellery is a reflection of the world we live in. Coloured metallurgy, full breadth of light reflection and wearable newness are what the studio stands for. Each work is a unique piece made by the best craftsmen, it reflects the philosophy of contrast and dynamic interaction: on cultural connections between East and West, on past and present meeting with the future, on the mutating relationship between digital and analogue. The link between tradition and innovation is a core: to create novel jewels, dynastic craftsmanship is mixed with the latest technology. An example is centuries-old jade carving technique guided by virtual reality. Jing and Gearry describe their collaboration as yin and yang. Gearry conjures up ideas, sketches and paintings; his uniquely creative spirit and unmatched eye for colour instilled in his designs. Jing triggers the creative process with overarching concepts that echo contemporary wearability and exquisite viability. Winners of the highest honors and first prize in the prestigious Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council Awards in 2021 in UK, G SUEN's uniqueness was immediately noticed by experts and collectors around the world. What a stellar start! I am thrilled to present their work to you, with the PREMIERE of the RING MAGNOLIA - an exquisite creation of sensual precision. Discover and enjoy!