In Collaboration
— with

Walid Akkad

AT THE EDGE OF REFINEMENT. Movement, Harmony, Comfort are the key words in Walid Akkad creative process. Established and renowned Designer lives and works in Paris where he designs, shapes, carves and manufactures only unique pieces and limited editions. Melting, sculpting, polishing, brushing, sanding gold: mastering these subtle and ancient techniques allow the jeweller to express his intention. Refined and elegant architectural, nature inspired creations claim an absolute and serene simplicity. If gem-cutting is meant to highlight the stone, its colour is the starting point of Walid Akkad’s inspiration. Plain, shaded or adorned with gardens, it whispers the way to magnify its poetry and strength. In his creative process, a few craftsmen gifted with a precious savoir-faire accompany Walid Akkad : the smelter who will get the purest volume, the polisher who will offer the metal a range of shades, the gem-cutter who will enhance a precious stone, the setter who will associate it to the chosen gold, the enameler who will play with transparencies. Bibliography: “XXIst Century jewellery designers” by Juliet de la Rochefaucauld. I am delighted to present the work of Walid Akkad at the “JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY”, a unique Initiative that SECOND PETALE put in place with CHRISTIE’S JEWELLERY PARIS to spotlight remarkable talent on the global Jewellery Art scene. To find out more about the initiative, visit the "JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY" COLLECTION. Images: courtesy of Designer