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Jaime Moreno

A PAINTER. Jaime Moreno's works are inspired by nature, which he considers to be the reference source of the concept of beauty. His passion for Art Deco and Art Nouveau is reflected in Jaime's designs. It is highlighted and artistically interpreted by the color, the strength of the stones he uses, the shapes and the techniques. Some of his creations are unique and cannot be reproduced, others are part of very limited series. Beyond his passion for Art Deco and Art Nouveau, Jaime's inspirations come from the world around him: his friend's fabulous dress, worn at the Gala, starry night, springing water in a fountain or lamp torch, nothing escapes an artist's eye. I see him as a painter.. Jaime is also a story teller, - a poetic narrative accompanies every piece, connecting the Author, his Creation, and a Public. Jaime is generously inviting the audience into his magic and beautiful world. Confirmed jewelry artist, winner of numerous prizes and regular guest of exhibitions devoted to the art of jewelry, Jaime Moreno is recognized and known in Spain where he works and lives as one of the major figures in jewellery. His work was presented at the National Museum of Decorative Arts (MNAD) in Madrid with the exhibition “20 years of Author jewelry in Spain”. I am delighted to offer an opportunity to discover Jaime's fabulous work to collectors and jewelry lovers here in my gallery and on ONLINE PAD EDITION. Welcome to Jaime’s magic world! All images: courtesy of the designer