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Salima Thakker

SURPRISING Salima Thakker celebrated the 20th anniversary of her brand in 2021 . It's an impressive timelapse when it comes to jewelry. But it's not just how long that counts, but also what and how. For Salima, it is about excellence in craftsmanship and honesty, authenticity of work. She has had a passion for design since a very young age. Royal Academy of Antwerp, Royal College of Art in London, apprenticeship with the masters in the Italian city of Padua, Academy of Fine Arts where she taught - through this route, she solidified her profession and her passion for design, which in turn, has galvanized her entire creative approach to jewelry, art and design. She has been translating it into her distinctive designs since 2001. Salima says that she refuses to set any form of boundary, because it allows her to come across unexpected results and leads to a varied work that surprises. I can see it very clearly. My first encounter with Salima's work was a Modular bracelet, one of her signature pieces. The model comes in variants, each one is unique. The piece was amazingly crafted, the seamless moving structure you can see required a high degree of innovation. I was surprised. And that's what I'm sensitive to: surprise, novelty, identity. Salima's work is of this genre, full of surprises, of eclectic references. Next to innovation and futurism you see a delicate classicism. Like the earrings we have selected to show you, - they amaze me with the fabulous link between modernity and Renaissance that they make me think of. All this variety of Salima's work speaks unique Salima's language: colors, shapes, audacity, innovation. "The technique is like an alphabet that allows me to write my own language," she says. In her store in the heart of the diamond city, Antwerp, Salima also offers personal design services for private clients. Her rare award-winning classics are now sold worldwide, including New York, Hong Kong and Antwerp. in June 2022, Salima's work was presented at "JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY", a novel initiative that SECOND PETALE has put in place with CHRISTIE'S JEWELERY PARIS to spotlight remarkable talent on the global Jewellery Art scene. To find out more about the initiative, visit the "JEWELLERY TALENT OF TODAY" COLLECTION. I am delighted to exhibit the iconic artwork of SALIMA THAKKER at PAD PARIS where we exhibit every year. Images: courtesy of Designer