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The Rock Hound

ART WITH GEMSTONES. As soon as I saw them, I knew they were special. The Rock hound designs are bold, vibrant and have a very strong identity.

Susi Smither, founder and creative director, is the soul and maker. Creative and engaged, she offers a highly personal vision of gemstones in jewellery. Unconventional, colourful and perfectly executed, her jewels take you on a joyous and festive journey.
She seems to have no limits to what gems can do for design. I love the way she has fun, extravert and fresh.

That's because her work speaks so well of Susi's true passion: gems and crystals. She told me that she always starts her creations with stones in mind.
Susi's impressive educational background (Gemmologicial Association of Great Britain, The Gemmological Association of America, Central Saint Martins), her recognised credentials (she is a Freeman of The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths of the City of London, founded in 1327!) and the many prestigious awards she receives wherever she goes for her design and innovation show that she lives and breathes her passion.

The Rock Hound is also a brand committed to promoting ecoresponsibility and sustainability in the industry. Susi has been a member of Fair Luxury since 2019, and all the gemstones she uses are responsibly sourced.
“Our lives and livelihoods, whilst worlds apart, are inextricably linked with the miners through gold and gemstones – and I for one, want that link to be a positive one. So when it came to starting my own jewellery brand The Rock Hound in 2015 having this duty of care was at the very heart of all my decisions.” - Susi Smither

Collectors, take note of this name. I'm delighted to introduce you to some of the wonders of The Rock Hound.

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