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Simona Tagliaferri

AN EXPLORER. A passion for architecture and a lifetime devoted to the world of accessories, jewellery, bags and garments characterize this gemologist. Simona has many talents: a renowned fashion brand, a recognized consultant for the largest international fashion and interior design companies, Simona also creates amazing jewellery. Her creations evince the transversal nature of design, through the encounter between creativity, skillful use of techniques and innovative materials. The matter, which flourishes when interpreted, is the core concept of her work. We are very excited to show Simona’s talent here online and to PAD Collectors for the first time. We are very happy to make you discover Simona's talent here online and to PAD's audience for the first time ( currently at PAD online and at PAD Paris in April 2021). We are presenting the EDEN jewelry collection that celebrates traditions, love and the pleasures of life. Each piece is handcrafted in Italy. Discover our selection. All images: courtesy Simona Tagliaferri