Earrings “Lunatique”

Earrings “Lunatique”

Paola Brussino €0,00

Earrings “Lunatique”

Paola Brussino €0,00

Earrings “Lunatique” by Paola Brussino

Carbon, Navette diamonds,

cts. 4.68, Round diamonds


cts. 2.30, White gold g. 27.30

“The lunatic, the lover and the poet.

Are of imagination all compact.”

William Shakespeare – “Midsummer night’s dream”, Act V, Scene 1

The projections of these people are the same that allowed Paola Brussino to envision a moon made of carbon and bent to the designer's eccentric ideas aiming to create silk out of carbon itself.

“Inventing and producing innovative pieces of jewelry represents something imperative to me” says Paola.

An imaginary black moon illuminated by a line of diamonds surrounding the crescent with a central set of harmoniously strewn navettes.

29 March- 2 April 2023
Jardin des Tuileries, 75001 Paris

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