In the Spotlight — by Katerina Perez

In the Spotlight —  by Katerina Perez

Second Petale: An online gallery of rare jewellery which experiences new life December 17, 2018 by Katerina Perez, Award -Winning Jewelry Insider

« In the jewellery world, perhaps the best compliment a jewel can be given is to be labelled ‘timeless’. But what does that actually mean? Jewellery whose design, quality and inspirations transcend trends. Despite dynamically changing trends and fashions, jewellery of this kind has been made and will continue to be made by eminent brands, several independent jewellers and individual designers. Not long ago, a Parisian company with an entirely unique philosophy known as Second Petale joined their ranks. It boasts jewels made across decades, and even centuries that are presented to the world in a contemporary manner. »