A personal note

A personal note

I must be seven or eight years old. As every Friday, I am at a bus stop, impatiently waiting for my Mum to visit me in the little city where I live with my loving grandparents. And here she is, getting off the bus, smiling, beautiful. Her perfume breathes happiness. And as every time when she comes, we go to the funfair where I play that lottery where you always win. And every time I choose the same prize: these little delicious Czechoslovak crystal rings. At that very moment there is nothing more precious to me in the world then these tiny colourful treasures, these moments with my Mum…

Many years past since then. But those moments are always present in me, here and now, they shaped my creative ADN.

In Russian there is saying which can be translated as : “We all come from childhood”. It is so true. I think it is a primary source. All has a beginning and I think it all starts with “Why”. My “Why” definitely comes from childhood.

Thats why I do what I do: for me it is about a necessity to transmit what I know and love, about continuity, emotional connect with the world around me. And personal alignment.

To me jewelry is so much more than beautiful creations. It bridges time, transmit what matters, connects past, present and future. It is a soulmate, it is about how do we feel and who we are.

I believe that jewels chose their owner, or shall I say a soulmate ?

If this resonates with you, we are connected.

Nice to meet you,